Goldbrand Custom trailers


As of right now #3 is on the drawing board. I'm right now testing some other materials and ideas. So far all tests are looking really good.

All I can tell you right now about #3 is that I'm building "my" dream camper that I want. It will not cater to every one, but it will be unique an COMFORTABLE. It will be built to last and will be VERY spacious, believe it or not.

I don't like the idea to "HAVE" to move everything around and pack the trailer everytime I want to move to a different location. I want as much as possible to have "it's own place". A small camper can very fast be cluddered of "STUFF" I want that "Stuff" to have a given place from the beginning.

A few things that I'm planning in #3

First of all #3 will expand sideways as well as up. it will be at least 2 meters (78'') wide and 1,96- 2 meters (77-78'') high with a push of a button on the remote control.

Planned features INCLUDED in the target weight of 100kg (220 lbs) is.

Many more ideas are beeing planned, these are just a few.

If YOU have any ideas please send them to me.


Tony Guldbrand   Phone + 46 - 70 - 545 66 24



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